Monday, April 4, 2011

Apple Nachos and Coffee Klatch Kolaches

So I tried out a couple recipes I saved from my Taste of Home magazine.

One night Scott and I had a little sweet tooth and I looked around to see what we had. I had a couple apples that were on the verge of turning soft and a couple bags of caramel bits, some mini choco chips, and some marshmallows that I don't remember buying and opening but did at some point but somehow were still soft. So I was thinking..... apple nachos! I had seen this recipe a while back and really wanted to try it. I was missing the peanuts and sprinkles but its ok. They were still quite yummy. Charlotte was loving them. Definitely not the healthiest way to eat an apple but pretty good none the less. I'd type up the recipe but when I have the link... why do that? Hopefully you don't have to be a member to view it but if so you can add your info or just tell me and I'll cut and paste it.
Oh and here's my pic of them. Mine were pretty ooey gooey.

The other recipe I did was Coffee Klatch Kolaches. Also another Taste of Home recipe. They had some more traditional type pastries from other countries and this happened to be a Czech one. Since that is where some of my ancestors come from I thought it'd be fun to try. My parent's had invited us over for breakfast before the Sunday morning session of conference. I thought my mom might have had something similar to this before. She said my grandpa used to make something like it but with a very similar name. They're pretty easy to make. Just takes some time while waiting for the dough to rise and what not. I used cherry pie filling and then tried the more traditional version with the prune filling. I liked both but would love to try and do some other pie fillings. Yummy little pastries. Here's the link for that one:
And here is my picture of mine. Not as perfect as the ones in their pictures but that's ok. Not too bad.

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