Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Sloppy Joes

So before we moved up to UT my dad was already living up here with my brother and working. Although I did miss my dad, my mom, sister and I had a lot of fun with it just being the girls. My dad isn't necessarily picky when it comes to food but I know there was stuff we'd make that we all liked that he may not have been a fan of. We were trying new stuff out and getting creative with some of our already favorite recipes. Well one such evening, my mom and I came up with a great idea for some dang good sloppy joes.

So normally you think ground beef with some manwich on a hamburger bun. Pretty good or maybe not appealing to some, but pretty plain and basic. Well we decided to make it a little bit better. We bought some nice crusty rolls. Spread on some butter/margarine... whatever you like. Then on that you put a little bit of garlic salt. We love garlic salt in our family. When we don't use bbq sauce on something, its garlic salt. Such a great basic seasoning for everything... turkey, steak, roast, chicken... whatever. Yum yum. Then over that you put some cheese slices. I love sharp or extra sharp cheddar. Lots of bold flavor. So you take that and toast it. I have a toaster oven so its easy to do that way. You can probably just pop it in the oven and broil it for a min or until the cheese is starting to bubble. That should toast the bread enough too. Once you've got those yummy cheesy toasty rolls you put your meat mixed with manwich (I prefer ground turkey) on there. Then you have one yummy sloppy joe. These are one of Scott's favorites and the first time we made them for my dad when we moved up, he was in heaven. They're so good and spice up the average sloppy joe. You should try it out or maybe you can come up some other creative ways!

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